The Tabular interface (tables)
Written by Raymond Kenney
Updated over a week ago

When you select a survey from a repository, the first view you will see is a tabular view.

This table lists all the results that have been collected from respondents and presents the data in a tablular format. This data cab be filtered, sorted or conditionally formatted.

A summary of navigation on this page:

1. Refresh: This will refresh the table to present new results that might have been submitted while you have been viewing the table.
2. Format: lets you add conditional formatting to the table, to colour code cells by setting rules.

3. Filter: Lets you create custom filters on the table.

4. More actions: contains further navigation as follows: Export data, PDF Form, JSON Form, Create form copy, Edit, Delete.

5. Further data visualisation: Enables you to see the data on a map, in a series of charts, and in both maps and charts.

6. Survey preview: lets you open a preview of the survey, useful for looking at imagery, or additional comments per answer that are not shown in the table view otherwise.

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