The Map Interface

How to use the map to display and filter survey results

Written by Raymond Kenney
Updated over a week ago

The map view provides an excellent way to interface with your data if there is a spatial component to your data. In this case, you can see the location of your data points on the map. This data will be derived from meta data, if collected, or location questions.

The key components of the interface are listed below:

  1. Filters: which let you filter the data by space, time and question attributes.

  2. Map Layers: which let you display different mapping backgrounds such as satellite, light or dark backgrounds.

  3. Polygon filtering: the ability to show only location data inside a custom drawn polygon.

  4. Map controls: the ability to zoom in and out, rotate the map, or tilt the map.

  5. Map measurement tool: the ability to measure between points on the map.

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