This page contains release notes. We always welcome a discussion with you if you would like to talk about any of these feature releases or improvements in person.

NEW 16 February 2021 - General Improvements

Relative Time Queries

If you need to create rolling daily or weekly reports then this is a feature for you. Filters can be applied to dashboard components - the graphs, metrics and charts - to provide a partitioned view of your data using pre-set queries such as 'Today', 'the last 7 days', 'YTD' and more. This means you can create rolling daily, weekly or monthly reports for example.

This feature works well when coupled with conditional formatting to show exceptions or variance on expected results. For example, if you expected 20 reports per day, you could set up a metric to show how many you have received today and colour code them to show Red, Amber, Green depending on a threshold value.

Improvements to the mobile web view

Our web app works a lot better on mobile browsers meaning that you can view dashboards on the move. This is still a work in progress but let us know if you have early feedback.

Download and upload templates

This is a really useful feature if you want to share a report template between different organisations. The question structure can be downloaded, emailed or sent to another user, and then re-uploaded in a different organisation, designed to help customers operating across multiple organisations achieve scale.

An improved knowledge base

We've been improving our knowledge base and writing more articles to help you get the most out of your experience with ExInsight. We've also moved the content to a new interface to make exploration and discovery easier.

In-app chat

We're trialling an in-app chat function which will serve as a help agent - letting you search the knowledge base - and also connect with us for questions that can't easily be answered by self-help. You will see this appear in the web-based application first, and then on iOS and Android later.

Performance improvements

We've made some enhancements to the way we process data to try and increase the performance and load speed of the application. Please let us know if you notice a difference.

NEW 16 February 2021 - Resolving an issue with the Android image attachment

1.3.5 (Version 51) is now live on the Google Play store and resolve an issue whereby photos were not attaching as thumbnails. This was caused by an Android update which affected some phones depending on their operating system. This has now been resolved.

Previous releases

Some things you might have missed:

- A map measuring tool has been added to the maps within the repository section of the web app. You can measure the distance between points using this tool.

  • Measuring on the map: A map measuring tool has been added to the maps within the repository section of the web app. You can measure the distance between points using this tool.

  • Custom styling of the app: administrators can change the colour of the web application interface, to tailor the look and feel towards your own brand identity.

  • Custom typography: We've increased the number of fonts supported to allow you further tailor the look and feel of the app.

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