You might want to send notifications to users based on specific rules. For example, if a user submits a report that contains a specific value - such as 'Middle East' - then you might want to notify the user group that is responsible for the Middle Eastern region.

In this case, ExInsight will check each report as they are processed, and if a rule has been created, will disseminate that report to the relevant recipients.

This can be achieved by navigating to the 'Notifications' tab using the left-hand navigation. Once that screen has opened, press 'New' on the top-right of the screen to create a new set of rules.

Select the report that is of interest to you - the one that you are creating the rule for.

Then, press the + button to create a new rule.

Using the pencil icon, you can create a new rule by then selecting the condition that you want to attach to that question. For example, you might want to create a rule that says that you want to notify people based on the responses to a True or False question being True.

Then select the users you want to send the report to. Where there are pre-defined user groups available, groups can be used to easily manage distribution lists.

Once created, the rule is available to view, edit or delete. Multiple rules can be added.

Once your rule is set, the nominated users will receive email notifications whenever the relevant reports are submitted into ExInsight.

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